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Guided meditation to heal body and soul

4:37 pm 17 September 2022 Luis 0 Comments

Today I present a guided meditation to heal the body and mind. However, it is not necessary to be sick to follow it, in the same way, that we do not wait to have some ailment or disease to take care of ourselves. One way to honour and thank our bodies and mind is to take care of ourselves daily. We must eat healthily, practice sports, meditate, take care of the quality of our thoughts...

Whatever your current health situation, following this guided meditation to heal your body and mind will favour you. Please take advantage of your healing abilities and put them to work with meditation. And remember that you deserve all the health in the world!


When we are asked to think of a wish, there is a fundamental one. Indeed, it is healthy. By enjoying health, we can enjoy everything else, including meditation.

Generally, when we are healthy, we are not aware of it. But when we have some ailment or feel pain, we immediately realise how well our body and mind worked when we were in total health.

Meditation is a beautiful tool that helps us and teaches us to focus attention on what we decide to focus on. We have the gift of creating new thoughts in every moment, and it is in us the ability to determine whether our thoughts will be decisive or a string of complaints. Thanks to meditation, we can learn to cultivate better quality thoughts. A persistent and positive mind will always positively impact our health.

We live overstimulated: the rush, the external and internal demands, and the continuous inputs we receive, such as, for example, the insidious mobile notifications, all take us away from our natural ability to connect with health and well-being. Meditation is a balm that allows us to connect with emotions and inner peace.

Guided meditation to rest your mind and connect with simplicity


You don't need to be an expert meditator. It only takes twenty minutes to lower your level of self-demand and allow you to listen and feel. Remember that you never meditate badly. You are already doing it well when you decide to give yourself a little time to meditate.

You can do this meditation at any time of the day. Especially if you feel disconnected from your body and the mind, autopilot has revolutionised. To get the most out of it:

1. If you can, download all the meditation and put your device in aeroplane mode. If it can't be, remember to put it in silence and warn that no one enters your room for that little while.

2. If you feel like it, you may find it rewarding to do meditation with headphones. You will feel the most surround sound, and you will be able to isolate yourself better from the outside.

3. Put some essential oil in the diffuser or some incense. For meditation, the essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli are recommended but choose the one that best goes with you.

4. Put yourself in a comfortable position: lying down or sitting. You mustn't cross your legs and try to have your back upright, but without tension.

5. If during meditation you need to move, go ahead. If uncomfortable, please retreat into a more comfortable posture with gentle movements.

6. It is essential to maintain good breathing during meditation. It will help you activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enter a state of relaxation. To do this, try to breathe through your nose throughout the meditation. Inside the nose, we have neurotransmitters that, when detecting the air, we inhale and send signals to our brain to communicate that everything is calm. If you breathe through your mouth, the brain will not detect the signs of these neurotransmitters. The brain will believe that you may be in danger and will begin to secrete the stress hormone (the famous cortisol).

7. Try, in addition, to make diaphragmatic breaths, that is, to carry the air you inhale into the gut. This will stimulate the vagus nerve and improve the ability to adapt to the environment of your nervous system.

8. When you meditate, you will see that I invite you to visualise an immense waterfall. Moving water helps us cleanse the stagnant energy in our body and mind and allows us to heal.

9. Also, you will notice that I insist on visualising the green colour. The colour green is related to the chakra of the heart. Green is related to love and hope, but also health.

1. Close your eyes and allow yourself to flow. Give yourself permission to relax and heal. Subtract it before you start: I allow myself to relax and heal. Feel these words vibrating all over your body and allow yourself this fantastic opportunity.

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